Why do I feel a burning sensation after applying the produc

There is a number of internal and external causes that can weaken or destroy the skin barrier. As we age, our ability to synthesize natural oils and lipids is decreased. Those lipids and oils are the cement that holds the skin cells and proteins together. In addition, our skin becomes naturally dry and flaky as we age, which can make the skin “leaky.”


External causes include excessive washing with hot water or other harsh chemicals that can strip away the natural lipids in the skin. Also, sunburn, pollution, skin disorder such as eczema, can break down the skin.

As you can imagine, when this outer layer of protective skin is not working properly, irritants, chemicals, allergens, bacteria, viruses can penetrate and gain access to the living portion of the skin.

When this happens, it can trigger inflammation and irritation, which can lead to redness, and the uncomfortable burning and stinging sensations.

Experiencing the stinging and burning sensations may be your skin telling to build up the skin barrier or read the ingredients in your favourite lotions, creams or serums that you are using at this moment. However, having a stinging or burning sensation does not mean you have to throw away the product. It is possible that your skin needs time to adjust to a product if it is new to your routine. If the burning is decreasing—either in intensity or in how long the sensation lasts—with each application, that's a good sign your skin is adjusting to the product. To help it along, try applying a moisturizer to your skin to build up your barrier, then the product that is triggering the minor irritation, followed up by another layer of moisturizer. Or reduce application frequency of the new product from twice a day to once a day, or once a day to every other day until your skin adapts. Often time, as you continue to use the product, your skin barrier may strengthen and become tolerant of the products. Of course, if you continue to experience that uncomfortable sensation or getting rashes, it is time to move on and find a gentler product.