About Us

— Redefining Personal Care with Customization, Natural Formulations, and Holistic Wellness

In partnership with three co-founders with renowned expertise and international qualifications,  was brought to life on a shared philosophy centred around custom-made products formulated specifically catered towards each individual skin or hair typein the absence of harmful chemicals, preservatives, or skin irritants. 

Just like many others, we desired unique personal care products, even a customized product line for ourselves, not a universal one-product-fits-all, and not generic items off the shelves. 

The founders of  recognize the excellence of originality of ingredients, our health and well-being are conscious and mindful decisions, and we have a choice to stand for truth. Each customized products hold divine healing benefits to cultivate health and beauty wellness in every individual and even can be used by children. 

Our Value

  • Your Customized Skincare

    Everyone is unique, and customization is here to make sure that your skincare reflects that! Get the perfect fit for you from Karbini — tailor-made for every one of you.🤎

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

    Discover our skincare products, crafted with natural ingredients and formulated without any harmful chemicals, preservatives, SLS, or SLES.

    Our commitment to quality ensures a win-win situation for your skin & the environment. 🌏

  • Handmade Products

    Looking for skincare products that are natural, handmade, and crafted by an experienced team?

    Karbini is definitely your go-to!☺️

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