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Orange Blossom / Rose Otto Hydrating Mist


A refreshing facial mist that instantly provides hydration and comfort to your skin.  Infused with uplifting citrus and floral notes, this revitalizing mist leaves skin feeling hydrated and balanced with a natural glow.

Available in 50ml (Spray Bottle) and 250ml (Refill)

Key Ingredients

Orange Blossom Hydrosol:

Derived from steam distillation of the Fragrant White Flowers of the Bitter Orange Tree.

• infuses your skin with Vitamin C and Nutrients that help to lock in the moisture leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed.

• calms red and irritated skin as well as soothes sunburn and skin that is aggravated by the harsh environment and elements.

• rich in Antioxidants and B Vitamins, and it helps to lighten discolorations and dark spots that result from aging, hormonal imbalance and sun exposure. It leaves the complexion radiant and glowing.

• hydrates the hair making it soft and shiny.

Rose Otto Hydrosol:

Derived from the petals of the Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena), created through a delicate steam distillation process, preserving the purest form of the flower's essence.

• with its slightly acidic nature, helps in restoring and balancing the skin's pH levels. This aids in regulating excessive oil production, reducing the risk of acne, and preventing the skin from becoming too dry.

• excellent hydrating properties makes it a fantastic addition to any skincare routine. Its molecular structure enables it to penetrate deeply into the skin, providing ample hydration.

• its calming and anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate redness and irritation, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive or easily inflamed skin.

• Loaded with antioxidants, it helps combat the effects of free radicals, which contribute to premature aging.

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Still have questions?! Check out our F.A.Q. Section!

Our products are always vegan and cruelty-free. We strive to be responsibly sourced in as many natural and organic ingredients for the best benefit of the skin.

All Karbini products are free from parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, and Sodium Laureth Sulphate.  Instead, we use natural preservatives and green surfactants which do not irritate our skin.

The preservative is necessary for hydrous products in order to keep them free from harmful bacteria that might irritate our skin.  We use natural preservatives and restrict them to a minimal level which is sufficient to maintain the product's reasonable shelf life.

We carefully source a wide range of ethical and high-quality natural ingredients and ensure all supplies are cruelty-free.

Once you switch from a non-organic range to a certified organic one, your skin will need to adjust and process any remaining chemicals left from your old skincare. Your body will naturally detoxify or heal itself by getting rid of these chemicals or toxins.

It takes between 4-6 weeks for the skin to become acclimated to new skincare products, and only then can you start to see results. Initially, you may notice a negative effect on your skin, such as dryness, redness, and spots. This is part of the skin's natural purging process and is completely normal.

In contrast to mainstream products, we are proud of our colourful creams and lotions. The colour in our products does not come from synthetic colourants, trying to imitate the green of apple or the pink of cherry blossom. Instead, the colouring comes from native oils and plant extracts full of natural colourants, which are usually removed by mainstream formulators and chemists.

The natural and inherent colour of a product is proof of its authenticity. The green avocado oil, the orange of rosehip seed oil or the purple of elderberry extract are all signs that your ingredients are loaded with precious skincare ingredients such as beta-carotene or polyphenols.  By using different proportions of these natural ingredients, the colour varies.

During pregnancy, some essential oils could not be used in high doses.  Please do let us know your stage of pregnancy so that we can adjust our formula and blending.

There are several internal and external causes that can weaken or destroy the skin barrier. As we age, our ability to synthesize natural oils and lipids is decreased. Those lipids and oils are the cement that holds the skin cells and proteins together. In addition, our skin becomes naturally dry and flaky as we age, which can make the skin “leaky.”

This is a normal, short-term condition where the skin will rid itself of underlying oil, bacteria, or dirt when you start a new skincare routine or you incorporate new products into your current regimen, you may experience breakouts or skin flaking.

Since the product you are using is increasing the rate of skin cell turnover, all the gunk will inevitably rise to the surface of your pores quickly. New acne may make you question whether or not to stop using a product. Purging is a necessary process that your skin must go through to adjust to new skincare products. There is a method to all the madness that may be occurring on your face.